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I saw this idea of watermelon tomato salad and celebrated all summer on social networks! Watermelon in a salty version seemed to be THE trend for summer […]

I already shared with you, some time ago, a recipe for pizza-style zucchini slices . This year, I wanted to share a pizza-style eggplant recipe with you! Exactly […]

You’ve been asking me for it for a while, here it is: the recipe for wheat tortillas ! It is on the roads of […]

I have already shared a homemade spaetzle recipe with you on the blog . You know: this Alsatian egg pasta which is a must in the region! Today, I […]

At home, we love risottos ! I have already offered you a recipe for risotto with white asparagus and lemon on the blog. Today, I invite […]

I wanted to share this potato waffle recipe with you . It’s super easy to do and not a hassle at all! Good thing, new […]

By reading the title, we can tell ourselves that it is an ultra easy recipe to make and it is quite true. The lemon […]

For this recipe, white or green asparagus ? I opted for white , quite simply because they are the ones we find the most in Alsace . Having […]